What To Do

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As most people are unfamiliar with making funeral arrangements, we encourage you to call us at any time of day or night when a death occurs, for professional advice. We will help you with what to do next.

Death In Hospital

The treating doctor will prepare the relevant paperwork to enable us to commence funeral arrangements.

Death In An Aged Care Facility

The treating doctor will prepare the relevant paperwork to enable us to commence funeral arrangements. As most nursing homes do not have the facilities required to hold the deceased for an extended period of time, we will need to be notified promptly so that we can transfer the deceased to our funeral home.

Death In The Home

Firstly, contact the treating doctor who will issue a death certificate, if the cause of death can be confirmed. Then call us so we can transfer the deceased to our funeral home and commence funeral arrangements.

Please see below if a death in the home is unexpected and cause of death cannot be confirmed.

Unexpected Death

When a death is sudden or accidental, or the cause of death cannot be confirmed, the police will be notified. They will arrange for the person who has died to be transferred to the Coroner’s Mortuary. When a post mortem is involved, funeral arrangements may be slightly delayed until the Coroner has completed their examination. Please phone us and we will liaise with the Coroner on your behalf, whilst planning the funeral arrangements.


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Planning a Funeral

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