Considering a Funeral?

Considering a Funeral?How Elite Funeral Directors Addresses the Top 4 Funeral Related Concerns of
Greater Sydney Families

When considering funeral arrangements, these are the top 4 concerns that have been shared with Elite Funeral Directors.


Concern #1 – Paying too much for an unfulfilling service

Considering the cost of a funeral service is often important. But the real priority is the value you receive for the money you spend. Whether you spend $5,000 or $15,000, if the experience does not meet the emotional, spiritual and practical needs of your family…you’ve spent too much.

Value GuaranteedAt Elite Funeral Directors we specialise in a unique style of funeral ceremony we call a Beautiful Farewell™ . This is a special memorial experience your friends and family will cherish. We are so confident you will value the experience that we back it with our exclusive Exceptional Family Care™ Guarantee.

Concern #2 – Feeling rushed at the chapel

Sydney is fortunate to have numerous cemeteries with onsite crematoriums and chapels. Unfortunately, the popularity of these chapels creates a scheduling problem leaving families feeling rushed to finish their funeral ceremony because another grievingExtra Time family has the chapel reserved after them.

At Elite Funeral Directors we put extra effort into making sure the family we serve never feels rushed. Saying goodbye to a loved one takes time. It takes time to share the stories, it takes time to celebrate the life and it takes time to experience the love. A Beautiful Farewell™ is many things….but rushed is not one of them.

Concern #3 – Finding the right person to lead the service

A funeral ceremony for your loved one is a once in a lifetime event. There is no opportunity to repeat the ceremony and fix a problem the second time around.

Ideal Funeral CelebrantA very important part of what we do at Elite Funeral Directors is to recommend a specific funeral celebrant for your family. After meeting with you, we very carefully consider our list of top ten celebrants and recommend the one who we believe will be the best fit for your family. Availability is a factor, but far more important is the celebrant’s ability to contribute to the creation of a Beautiful Farewell™ for your family.

Concern #4 – Making the ceremony beautiful

Your Beautiful FarewellAt Elite Funeral Directors, we believe that everyone deserves a Beautiful Farewell™. We accomplish this with the following:

  1. Consultative arrangement process that identifies the beautiful elements of their life
  2. Design a service that reflects their values and celebrates the life they lived
  3. Select a beautiful venue and enhance it with flowers and memorabilia
  4. Choose beautiful music to warm your heart and help recall special memories
  5. Select the perfect funeral celebrant with the ability to tell the story of a life well lived
  6. Choose innovative merchandise that adds beauty to event
  7. Plan for a beautiful moment to conclude the farewell experience


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