Beautiful Farewells

Beautiful Farewell

The Story of a Beautiful Farewell™

Developed by Elite Funerals Directors, a Beautiful Farewell™  ceremony will be cherished by your family and friends because it’s about love, relationships, healing and hope.

It tells the story of a lifetime, reflects your family’s values and traditions, includes elements for every generation, provides time for gathering and sharing of food, is spiritually meaningful and includes active participation from family and friends.

A Beautiful Farewell™ ceremony includes essential elements that are needed to help you on the path of healing; before, during and after the funeral service.

Scott and I have always believed that it is a privilege for us to help plan and carry out farewell services; it is also a privilege for you. A Beautiful Farewell™ provides you an opportunity to set the tone of the farewell ceremony using words, music, symbols, activities and food. We are honoured to work with you in designing your ceremony, gathering and reception.

Diane Luccitti & Scott Rennie, Elite Funeral Directors and Beautiful Farewell Specialists

The most positive and healing way to celebrate a life lived is through the creation of an event that honours their life and unites family and friends. No one wants to say farewell to a loved one, but if we must say farewell, then let’s make it a Beautiful Farewell™ experience.




Diane Luccitti


A Beautiful Farewell™ can be provided by:

  1. Consultative arrangement process that identifies the beautiful elements of their life
  2. Design a service that reflects their values and celebrates the life they lived
  3. Select a beautiful venue and enhance it with flowers and memorabilia
  4. Choose beautiful music to warm your heart and help recall special memories
  5. Choose the perfect funeral celebrant with the ability to tell the story of a life well lived
  6. Select innovative merchandise that adds beauty to event
  7. Plan for a beautiful moment to conclude the farewell experience


Consider a truly unique event by having a Beautiful Farewell on Sydney Harbour, a Beautiful Farewell with Water Views or a Beautiful Farewell with Country Charm. Click the images below to learn more. Or contact us about creating a completely customized Beautiful Farewell for your family.

Beautiful Farewell on Sydney Harbour

Beautiful Farewell on Sydney Harbour

Beautiful Farewell with Water Views

Beautiful Farewell with Water Views

Beautiful Farewell with Country Charm

Beautiful Farewell with Country Charm

All Beautiful Farewells are backed by our exclusive 7 point guarantee. Click here to learn more

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